Are you interested in registering an exceptionally nice local tree, have found a huge tree, or would like to dedicate a tree to a special person or event in your life? Here’s where you can get your chance!


Spokane Heritage Tree Program:


The Spokane Heritage Tree Program is a service of the City of Spokane Urban Forestry Department. "The City of Spokane’s historic and heritage tree preservation program was established as a way for citizens to officially recognize special and significant trees in the community".


Arbor Day Foundation, Trees in Celebration - Trees in Memory:


Trees in Celebration - Trees in Memory is a program provided by The Arbor Day Foundation. Trees can be dedicated in honor of any special occasion or in the memory of a loved one.


American Forests:


American Forests is the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country. In addition to being advocates for American forest protection and planting more than 40 million trees, they keep a list of our largest trees. "American Forests’ National Big Tree Program is a conservation movement to locate, appreciate and protect the biggest tree species in the United States. More than 750 champions are crowned each year and documented in their biannual publication — the National Register of Big Trees".


The Susie Forest:


The Susie Forest is a non-profit organization that plants and dedicates trees for life events. "Each tree planted is a reminder that life goes on and starts anew, and except for the two trees planted every year on Susie’s birthday and the anniversary of her death, every tree planted in The Susie Forest is associated with someone else. Whether it is to celebrate the birth of a newborn or a special anniversary, as a memorial for someone else taken too soon, or to celebrate a reading program at a local library or school, each Susie tree is deeply rooted in personal connection."


Spokane Ponderosa Pine Contest:


Find the Largest Ponderosa Pine Tree in Spokane

Spokane Ponderosa Pine Contest Nomination Form!

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