The primary reason for this web site is to provide useful information to the professionals that provide the policies, designs, and the elbow grease necessary to revitalize our urban Ponderosa Pine forest. If you would like to see additional information added to the site that would help make your life easier when it comes to Ponderosa Pine, please email us at mail@SpokanePonderosa.com.


Municipal Codes:


This is a source of links to available online municipal codes and guidelines in Spokane County.




Here you'll find information pertinent to Landscape Architects, Architects, and other Designers.




This is a combination of useful information and web links about the ways Ponderosa Pine are beneficial to land development projects.




Here are a number of municipal resources for urban forestry and examples of tree related codes and guidelines from cities across the U.S.




Things to consider and other information about Ponderosa Pine for installation contractors.


Tree Growers:


Useful information for tree growers and commercial nurseries can be found here.


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