If you have a question that isn't included here, please let us know. Feel free to email us at mail@SpokanePonderosa.com.


Who is Spokane Ponderosa?


We are a non profit dedicated to the revitalization of Spokane County’s Ponderosa Pine urban forest.


How does Spokane Ponderosa get funding?


Our funding currently comes from two local contributors. We do not currently accept donations from the general public..


Does Spokane Ponderosa plant trees?


We provide coordination between volunteers and land owners, developers, and government agencies that would like to have seedlings planted on their land. We then provide free Ponderosa Pine seedlings and loan planting tools to the volunteer groups who install the trees.


Does Spokane Ponderosa give away free trees?


We provide Ponderosa Pine seedlings to volunteer groups for reforestation projects. If you have land that you would like to have planted please feel free to contact us.


I’m interested in volunteering, what opportunities are available?


Call (509) 343-9087 or email Mail@SpokanePonderosa.com. Opportunities are also listed on our website calendar.


Do I need any experience to volunteer?


No. You do not need experience for any of our volunteer opportunities. We provide free training the day of our volunteer planting projects.


Does Spokane Ponderosa trim trees?


Spokane Ponderosa does not provide tree trimming services. Here is a list of local Arborists provided by the City of Spokane Urban Forestry Department.


Does Spokane Ponderosa provide educational talks about Ponderosa Pine to groups?


We’d be happy to meet with your group! Give us a call at (509) 343-9087 or email Mail@SpokanePonderosa.com.


Do I need a permit to plant a tree in my parking strip?


It depends on whose jurisdiction you are in. For example, a free street tree permit is required to plant, prune, or remove a City street tree within the City of Spokane but may be different depending on your location. You can see a list of contacts by jurisdiction here or here. We suggest you hire a professional Arborist for your tree care needs.

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