Spokane Ponderosa is a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the native Ponderosa Pine urban forest found throughout Spokane County.

The cities of Spokane County are enriched by the native Ponderosa forests that distinguish us from Midwestern and Eastern cities, but we are losing that forest and not renewing it. Spokane Ponderosa is committed to saving our beautiful heritage in the Evergreen State.

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Ponderosa Planting
Apr 7 2016 9:43AM

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Go outdoors and enjoy our fall colors
Oct 20 2014 9:49AM

Get outside and enjoy autumn's last few days...we have a magnificant array of colors on the deciduous trees with the green needles of our Ponderosa Pine in the background.

Perhaps plant a tree - it is the perfect time to do so. 

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